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This project and product have no affiliation with the Two Roads Brewing Company. This project was a passion project of my own creation and all assets, designs, and write-ups were created by myself. That being said, my goal for this project was to develop a new product, design the product, and put together a marketing plan for how the product should be launched into the market.



We here at Two Roads are proud to announce our very first tandem pack for our new summer seasonal release; we're calling it Summer Adventures. During the winter time, many people want to bundle up and stay inside. But when the summer weather rolls around, we begin to break out our summer wardrobes and get ready to take on new adventures. Some people choose to spend their time at the beach; getting tan lines, riding the waves, or setting sail into the sunset. Others decide to head up into the mountains; hiking new trails, bike down cliffs, or scale rock faces. Whether you're a fan of sun and sand or fresh mountain air, there's a potential adventure waiting for you. Our tandem pack blends both spirits into one unforgettable summer.

Unfiltered Pale Lager

For our beachgoers, we are releasing an Unfiltered Pale Lager. This unfiltered lager is made in the traditional manner using German malts and hops. Fermented slow and cold and appropriately aged, not rushed, for an ultra-clean character. Crisp and smooth with a toasty malt backdrop, refined floral hop notes and the fresh, unfiltered presence of pure lager yeast that add a bit of bite to this twist on the traditional style lager. The resulting refreshing beer has a grassy and earthy tone to it, balanced by a light citrus bitterness. The combination is summery, crisp and easy-to-drink. It's also a fantastic alternative to all those weak pilsners everyone else will be packing into their beach coolers.

Unfiltered IPA with Wheat

For our mountaineers, we are releasing an Unfiltered IPA with Wheat. This New England characterized IPA has a bold woodsy essence derived from both mosaic and columbus hops. The mosaic continues to shine through with a subtle rose blossom aroma. This IPA features plenty of green mountain goodness thanks to the handfuls of simcoe and chinook hops our guys threw in the kettle for extra flavor which delivers big notes of pine and citrus. Our Unfiltered IPA is brewed with the perfect amount of wheat malts and fermented with Brettanomyces to provide a profile of heavy-handed hops, allowing the malt profile to linger in the background. Our unfiltered wheat IPA is an excellent choice for both IPA and wheat beer fans; perfect for a refreshing taste after a long day in the sun.


Marketing Strategy:

Release date/ event

Summer Adventures will be available for purchase on the first day of summer, Thursday, June 21st. But before our world release, we are going to host a brewery event on Saturday, June 16th, at our Stratford Brewery. At this event, we will be inviting social media influencers, bloggers, and news personnel to generate buzz about our new seasonal release. It would be foolish of us not to acknowledge the possibility of receiving criticism about our new seasonal release before the packs are released to the public for purchase. Although, our contingency for this possibility is to have our top master brewers checking all the brews before the day of the event to ensure the best flavor within each bottle. We will also be utilizing our own social media during the event to hype our product up. We will not have any restriction for what content our guest can share and we will let them know this in advance; the goal of this event is to how genuine experiences shared with our new seasonal release.

During the event and after the event has concluded we will begin our next phase in the marketing strategy, where we utilize our social media presence to connect with our community and amplify the attention for our new seasonal release. We will be using the hashtag #ChooseYourAdventure for the duration of this product's life. Because this will be our first tandem pack, and the theme for the Summer Adventures Tandem Pack revolves around the summer adventures people go on, this hashtag is a perfect fit.

We understand that parts of our community will enjoy buying the tandem pack because those adventures want to experience both flavors. But some might not enjoy IPA’s, and others might not enjoy lagers. This is why we have decided to release not only the tandem pack on June 21st but also separate packs that only include the Unfiltered IPA with Wheat and the Unfiltered Lager. This way our customers get to decide what they want to bring along on their adventures.

Social media plan

Based off of the current Two Roads social media channels, most of the companies engagement is on our Instagram account. We have a little over 44 thousand followers and get an average of 892 likes per post. Whereas on our Facebook page we have almost 37 thousand likes but receive an average of 71 likes per post. Also, on our Twitter channel, we have a little over 15 thousand followers but receive an average of 12 likes per post. If you are wondering where these numbers are coming from, I added up all the likes of the past 12 posts and divided the total by 12, and I did this per channel.

Based on these numbers, our release should be focused on our Instagram channel, posting pictures of the new labels, packs, the beers in a glass next to the bottles, and people at our brewery and event enjoying the new beers. The following content on our Facebook page should follow the same theme although we will provide more detail in the written parts of the post. We will be using Twitter for our company engagement with our community. Twitter's platform is perfect for conversations to happen and will enable us to connect better with our community.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your adventure.