Justin Markert

Personal Brand

Personal Brand Overhaul

My previous logo and brand needed a refresher. So I decided to redesign my logo in Adobe Illustrator and rework my brand image.



My old logo was designed in Photoshop and was a lowercase "jm" centered inside a circle. Although I enjoyed that logo, it was very pixelated because it was produced within Photoshop. So I decided I would teach myself Adobe Illustrator and take a few classes online to be able to design within the program. I knew that I needed a new look for my brand and because of that, I started to get into logo design. The process was simple, I started by hand sketching some designs I had in mind within my sketchbook, and then I transferred those designed into Adobe Illustrator. After a couple of days, I finished all of my designs and my top four you can see above. The larger logo, the JM logo, is my main logo. I like this simple design that uses part of the lowercase "J" as the far left side of the lowercase case "M." The other three logo designs I enjoy a lot, and I might be using them in some iteration down the line.

Logo mockups

There are a couple of my logo mockups that showcase what my logos would look like on different surfaces.