Justin Markert


Misc. Project


Portfolio Website

For my advanced web design final, I coded my portfolio website using Bootstrap 4.0, Flexbox, HTML5, and advanced CSS3.

Social and Digital Media's Impact_.png

White Paper

Social and Digital Media Impact: Utilization By Regulated vs. Non-regulated Companies


2D Animation

This is a quick 2d animation sequence of my trip to Australia using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator to create the animation.


Kinetic Animation

This is an animation of the beginning part of Suli Break's "Parents are the Hardest People to Please." Suli Break's is a spoken word artist and a poet.



This is a quick animation using Adobe After Effects. Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D, and green screen footage.


2D Animation

This is a quick animation sequence using Adobe After Effects making an object transform into another.