Justin Markert

Elevage Partners

Elevage Partners

Elevage Partners is a mid-sized financial planning company with four offices split between the west and east coast. Elevage specializes in helping successful people get organized, stay organized and handle their financial planning and investment needs. By “Standing in your shoes” Elevage offers an extremely personal service with close connections with your appointed advisor. Elevage’s main selling point is positioning the business as a prestigious service that caters to your financial needs in a customized way.

Over the course of my final spring semester at UConn, my team at ATION strived to deliver the best possible solutions to all of their problems. Our primary goal for Elevage was to unify the company, by solidifying a strong brand image while providing them with the tools to navigate the digital space. Our team was responsible for rebranding the companies name, logo, and providing them with a wireframe for a new website; we also were in charge of writing a white paper to narrate how their company could navigate social media while still complying with FINRA, SEC, and FFIEC guidelines.

Style Guide

After countless meetings and focus groups, we decided to rename Elevage Partners as Amity Financial. At its core, Amity means a friendly relationship, and we believe that was what our clients were trying to portray. Within our style guide, we show them our different types of logos, for their primary and secondary logos. We explain how to use the different types and go into further detail about the new branding of their company. We also showed them a few mock-ups of a new website during our presentation for them to talk over for future improvements to their new site.

White Paper

I was the lead for the social media deliverable for my team and wrote the entire white paper. It helped that I just finished researching and writing another white paper talking about the differences between how regulated and non-regulated companies can use social media. That being said, I needed to have two section to this paper; I needed to inform the company what regulations they need to follow when using social media to comply with government regulations, and I provided company guidelines for how their employed should use social media. I went on to advise them to create company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium because those are the best platforms for companies within the financial space. In addition, I also provided a helping hand in how they should get started and what content should be posted on what channel; allowing them to excel in becoming a thought leader in the space.